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In the past decennia I have made and used a number of tube-appliances; preamps, power amps, dacs and cd-players among others . Nowadays I am slowly shifting this passion towards making music myself. I am playing tenor saxophone. Therefore I am reducing my collection of audio equipment and components.

This shop is created to clear my collection. If you want to buy an item from my collection you can order it at this site. If you like to get more information about a product or need other information; just mail me:

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I you want to buy an item from my collection you can order it at this site. But you can send me an Email also. It is always possible to make a realistic offerIf you like to get more information about a product or need other information; just mail me:

Quality Testing of the Tubes

Unless otherwise indicated all offered tubes are tested. If manufacturers supply information on how a tube (or tube family) should be tested, this method is used. The testing methods are  specified on the category pages. If no official testing method is found, the tube(s) will be tested according to the test conditions in the AVO Valve Data Manual 23rd edition 1981For the various tests the following equipment is used: AVO CT-160 (Dutch army tube tester), Utracer3+, RFT stabilized 230V supply, Philips PE 4832, 2x Korad KA3005P programmable power supply and 2x Keithley 2700.

Classification system for tubes

It is almost never possible to know for sure whether a tube is really NOS (never used). Only when a tube is stil in its original sealed box; one can be sure that it is really NOS. Because very few manufacturers ever sealed their boxes (except Telefunken sometimes) it is virtually impossible to state that a tube is NOS. For rating the state of a tube I therefore apply the following criteria*:

  • If the anode current (Ia) and mutual conductance (Gm)) are better then 85% of the factory specification the tube is rated: NOS specs,
  • If the test results are between the minimum specs for good and 84% the tube is rated: Good,
  • If the test results are not good but better than 40% the tube is usable but weak

* If the manufacturer supplies criteria for the performance of new-tubes or the end of life this information is used instead. For instance: Telefunken considers an ECC803S to be New if Ia is > 88% of the rate value and Gm is > 81% of the rated value. 

Sellers Note

Your satisfaction is very important to me. I will offer a full take-back with complete refund of the purchase price within 14 days after delivery if you are not satisfied with the tube! Conditions for a take-back: Tubes must be returned unused (except a short listening test, of course) and completely undamaged. Shipment back to me will be made on buyer’s risk only. Money-back transfer for take-back will only be made after the tubes safely arrived back here. Tube are sold as is. Test results may vary on your test equipment. Private sale. I cannot offer any guarantee or warranty.  I will pack very carefully.


I ship worldwide. Shipping costs are accordingly to destination. Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. 


I am located in Holland (Europe) so for customers within the Eurozone the only and cheapest way to pay is via an international bank transfer (IBAN). Customers outside the Eurozone can pay with PayPal. We are not a company, shop or other business. We therefore cannot accept any other form of payment like credit card etc. Sorry!


You can contact me by mail: If you live in the Netherlands it may be easy/efficient to collect the items at my address; please mail for a phone number and the address.

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